“Started reading. 2 sentences in. Thinking ‘is this a Tim Kock article?’ 

scrolls up: ‘Tim Kock’. ‘OK, this is going to be good.”

Hi, I'm Tim.

Hi, I'm Tim.

Headshot Image of Tim Kock, Shopify App Content Creator

I create content for SaaS businesses. Especially for E-commerce tools.


But I don’t stop when the content is finished. 


It’s called content-marketing for a reason.


I also create content-marketing strategies and execute them.


If you’re looking for:


  • Evergreen content that will work now and in 5+ years,
  • Content that your users share and talk about,
  • A Faster-than-SEO-Traffic-Approach,
  • A Lead-Generation machine,
you’re in the right place.
Yep, I’m good at the things above. But I’m semi-good at marketing myself.
So I let others do the talk now…

Nice words from people I've worked with:

Andrew Roach, Creator Marketing Manager at TikTok saying Tim Kock's content is super informative and super valuable.

– Andrew Roach, Creator Marketing Manager at TikTok

Noah Kagan

– Noah Kagan, founder of Sumo, #30 at Facebook, #4 at Mint

Katie Hudson

– Katie Hudson, Senior Product Operations Manager at Shopify

Jordan Simas

– Jordan Simas, Product Manager at TunnelBear

Mark Hayes, former Director of Communications at Shopify says Tim Kock's work is incredibly informative and valuable.

– Mark Hayes, former Director of Communications at Shopify

Impressed? Good.


However, I believe making my client’s audience happy is even more important.

Comments about my work from my client's audience:

Colin Devonshire, novel author said he loves how Tim Kock writes

– Colin Devonshire, Novel Author

Ana Cava, ecommerce entrepreneur says Tim Kock's work is absolutely amazing!

– Ana Cava, Ecommerce Entrepreneur

Sajwal Pageni, Content Marketer says Tim Kock's work is awesome.

– Sajwal Pageni, Content Marketer

Robert Middelton, says Tim Kock's work deserves an A++

– Robert Middleton, obviously none of my teachers in school (never had an A)

Sheri Guenther, Cleary University says Tim Kock's article is an article to be feast on, over and over again!

– Sheri Guenther, Cleary University

Marchiano, ecommerce entrepreneur says Tim Kock has an awesome approach to explain complex things in a very simple and actionable way.

– Marchiano, Ecommerce Entrepreneur

Simotaki, Reddit user says he admires Tim Kocks work on Reddit

– Simotaki, Reddit User

M_stansfield, Reddit user says he learned so much from Tim Kock's posts and that he is an inspiration

– M_stansfield, Reddit User

achalaforex, Reddit user says Tim Kocks writing is quite unique

– achalaforex, Reddit User

And the list goes on and on. I could even pull MORE THAN 2,900 comments from just one blog post I did for Oberlo (a Shopify company).

A screenshot that proves that Tim Kock's content on the Oberlo blog get's more than 2900 comments

Talking about things I did in the past…

A selection of my work:

Here’s some of the content I created:


Case Study for Oberlo


Another Case Study for Oberlo


Ebook for Shopify


Behind the Scenes Story for Sumo


4K-Webinar for Shopify 


Ebook for Oberlo


I often work as a ghostwriter so I can’t share everything.


I’m also one of worldwide only 30 official Shopify Education Partners.


^ My official Education Partner course is one of the best-rated German Shopify courses on Udemy.

Why I focus so heavily on Shopify apps:

I use to be a Shopify store owner myself.


It started as a side-hustle in 2016 (I had a usual 9-5 back then).


I sold matcha tea.


I didn’t have any marketing budget for ads and – to be honest – was afraid of the complex Facebook ad machine.


So I started to learn content marketing to drive traffic to my store.


It worked.


My first YouTube video (uploaded in 2016) is still #3 on YouTube for major keywords (with buying intent).

Tim Kock's first YouTube video for his matcha tea Shopify store

Years later, I had several online stores running at the same time. The #1 traffic method was always content marketing.


It took me a little bit to realize that I wasn’t THAT passionate about running my own e-commerce stores anymore.


It was the process of creating content that kept me up at 4 am.


I sold some stores and threw others in the trash. 


It was very, very clear for me what I wanted to do next: use my own experience and create content for other store owners.


To find some potential clients, I joined Shopify’s official Facebook group.


I did a post… and another, and another… and boy, semi-handsome Tim became a rockstar!

Shopify Facebook group post

To my surprise, people actually loved what I was doing.


Funny enough, my first client wasn’t one of the people who liked my content.


It was Shopify. They liked my work even more.


The result was a little ebook that Shopify used in their email funnel to prove that Shopify is the real deal and it’s possible to build a profitable business without spending money on ads.


It was at the time when Oberlo was acquired by Shopify, when I was invited to Oberlo’s office in Berlin to meet with the Co-founder of Oberlo Tomas and the (at that time) Director of Communications Mark.

Tim Kock, Tomas Slimas and Mark Hayes

The result of this meeting was an in-depth case study about starting a Shopify store with the help of Oberlo.


It also set the foundation of my whole content career and I will be forever grateful for this opportunity given by Tomas and Mark.

Whats next?

More content.


In my humble opinion, the world lacks great content.


And I give my absolute best trying to contribute content that’s not just written for search engines (this won’t work though).


But let’s be honest: Content needs tech.


I don’t write novels, poems, or semi-motivational blog posts.


I only cover topics that teach people how to properly use cool software (that’s your app!) so they can achieve their goals.


Don’t get me wrong: I don’t create boring documentation or tutorials.


I tell a story that people can relate to.


I was a Shopify store owner myself. I felt the same fears and had the same dreams as your desired audience.


People say “try to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience”. 


Well, I don’t need to try that. It comes naturally to me.


If you have a cool app and want to talk about content marketing, you can reach out to me here or simply book a call here.


If you want to see how I work, read this article. I explain how I come up with content ideas, how I write content, and – most and foremost – how I promote my content without spending any penny. This article might make jobless soon.


Have a blast,


Headshot Image of Tim Kock, Shopify App Content Creator